Best App locker for Android 2021

if you want to increase your privacy by putting an extra layer of security for the app then here is the list of best app locker that helps to add pattern and pin lock.

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock Protects Your Privacy and keeps your data safe and secure. Use a safe password or pattern lock screen to protect your Android device secure and hidden. Keep your content secure and safe if sharing Your device with kids or friends to watch videos and play games. Add a covering of safety in case your device is lost or snatched.


  • Provide security to images and photos from the prying sights of an intruder.
  • Keeps your personal and financial data safe and secure.
  • Make sure you are the only one having access to your social media accounts.
  • Comes with an anti-theft feature, take a photo of the person who fails to unlock your device after three attempts.

Download πŸ‘‰  Norton App Lock

App Lock

App Lock is the best app locker for Android mobiles, as it protects your applications using a pattern, fingerprint and pin password.

Prevents your device from unauthorised access. Never feel insecure while giving your mobile phones to your kids, family members and friends, App lock will provide the best security to your confidential data. 


  • Comes with the latest version of Android, without hanging your phone working perfectly.
  • Capture a photo of the person who fails while trying to unlock your phone with more than three attempts.
  • Hide your photos and gallery with a layer of app lock security.
  • Apply incredible themes and colours.

Download πŸ‘‰ App Lock

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Bear Lock

Bear lock gives the best security to your confidential data. Set passwords for applications you want to keep safe, safeguards to text messages, emails and content.No need to worry about people who sneak into your personal information.

It safeguards apps from unauthorised access by permitting you to protect them using a PIN or password.


  • Hide your notification, keeping your content hidden even in notification too. Select an application on which you want to apply this feature.
  • Fake error screen feature, confuse intruders with a fake screen error after many unsuccessful attempts app will show a fake error message “App has stopped”, this will confuse intruders and you are the only one who knows the secret.
  • Set app lock timings on your own, whether to lock after 30 mins or after locking the screen.

Download πŸ‘‰ Bear Lock


App lock is one of the best app lockers for android mobile phones, occupying less space (8.3MB) in your mobile phones. Protecting your privacy and personal information from intruders gives you security no need to worry. User-friendly application with no difficulties while using.  Don’t worry about the people who peep into your phone to keep your password safe and secure. 


  • Don’t worry about uninstalling the app .. the best feature uninstalls prevention. 
  • Set AppLock on applications according to your need and privacy.
  • Choose and set beautiful themes over PIN lock and patterns.
  • Gives privacy to your gallery from others.
  • Easy to access and no hanging problems while using.

Download πŸ‘‰  Applock

Secret AppLock

Secret AppLock ensures you with the best security for your personal information and confidential data. No tensions and feel free while sharing your mobile phone with kids, family members, friends, colleagues .. make your content hidden after applying secret AppLock. Also protects your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, and Data Protect special and as well as private memories saved in your gallery, Don’t take a chance of losing them.


  • You can set and adjust the time for AppLock screen time.
  • Use the super lock and use features like apply block calls, safe browsing.
  • Have a choice of locking incoming and outgoing calls.
  • User-friendly application, with no more difficulties.

Download πŸ‘‰ Secret App Lock


AppLock provides you with the best security for private data and personal information which you want to hide from others. Don’t worry about it people who peep into your mobile phones, do not hesitate while giving the phone to your kids to apply AppLock on applications you want to lock. Apply AppLock of your choice pattern, PIN and fingerprint. Make it more attractive by applying various themes available. Keep your personal life hidden from the public and friends. 


  • Keep your gallery and private photos safe and secure.
  • Easily accessible application with no more difficulties while using.
  • Prevent your password from intruders eyes by Making your pattern invisible.
  • Apply locks on applications that you want to keep safe and private. 

Download πŸ‘‰ App lock


Here comes the best AppLocker CALCULATOR BOX an amazing app with a lot of features.

You can access all features for free. Works effectively and smoothly, even you can use it as a normal calculator too. Easy to use application and extremely beneficial to hide any application. Comes with an entirely different and extraordinary concept, and the app gets locked automatically when the phone screen goes to sleep. Helpful in keeping confidential data away from unwanted access. The best feature of this application is that no one can ever suspect it’s an application for hiding data because the icon looks like a calculator. 


  • Light-weighted (5MB) application providing you best security.
  • No one can uninstall a secret gallery app lock because this application uses device administration permission.
  • Automatically take a selfie of intruders giving a lot of unsuccessful attempts while unlocking phone or application.
  • You can create a fake vault with different passwords for fake videos and images.

Download πŸ‘‰ CalcLock


LOCX is the decent app lock and picture locker for Android, which will help you to lock apps, special photos, covert videos, messages and further is the safest and greatly customised and delightful way. Various kinds of impressive lock screen wallpapers modelled by the world’s top designers. They are so incredible and wonderful. Use the nicest app locker LOCX to lock your confidential apps and stay tuned.


  • Keep your confidential and professional data safe by applying the app lock on Gmail.
  • Invisible lock feature available… Ensure your hidden lock screen password from the intruders.
  • Apply fake cover feature  Disguise your app’s lock wall to avoid cracking your password.
  • You can conceal personal photos in the safest photo locker and keep them hidden from the shoppers.

Download πŸ‘‰ LOCX


Join our family of over 50 million people, who trust our security and give us a chance of securing billions of photos. Broadly It famous Photo Vault & album locker app on Android.

Keepsafe safeguards private photos and tapes by locking them with fingerprint authenticity, military-grade encryption and PIN safety. It’s the best application for keeping private images and videos. With Keepsafe, you can safeguard your secrecy, secure your images, and protect phone capacity.


  • Best feature: no one can see the Keepsafe app in your recently used app list.
  • Don’t hesitate while sharing private photos and videos
  • Even you have the power of controlling how long the recipient gazes at your images; photos vanish 20 seconds after they are received.
  • You will not get any advertisement while using the application.

Download πŸ‘‰ Keepsafe

Lock App

Lock your favourite applications which you want to keep safe and away from others.

Smart App locker is one of the best AppLock for android mobile. We have millions of users who are satisfied with our work, join our family, and give us a chance of winning your trust. No need to pay for accessing any feature of this application, a free app.


  • Lightweight application ( just 1.3MB) occupying less space in your phones.
  • No advertisement in between.
  • Lock your apps using the fingerprint feature.
  • You can even hide the icon of the application.
  • You can lock any application of your choice Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Pinterest, gallery, photos, Gmail, etc.

Download πŸ‘‰ LOCK APP


Amazing application. This application is extraordinary from other scrappy “Applock” apps. Best AppLock ever found. A lot of features available gestures, fingerprint, number, pattern. No more advertisements in between.A good user interface, no difficulties while using the application. The best feature is you can even lock the installer package so that no one else can download any application without your permission. 


  • You can set a particular password for each locked app.
  • Work fast and smoothly, and light-weighted application occupying less space on your phone.
  • You can even lock incoming calls, secure your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by applying lock.
  • Sends an image of an intruder on Gmail, trying to unlock with many unsuccessful attempts.

Download πŸ‘‰Applock-fingerprint

App lock pro

Smart app lock for apps. Secure your secrecy with a password or fingerprint. When somebody attempts to open your locked app, AppLock takes a selfie shot from the front camera and save it to the gallery. you can adjust the background and theme, even you can select an image for background from your gallery. The best feature is you can hide patterns if you want. Work fast and smoothly. You can also design the theme lock according to your choice. 


  • when someone tries to unlock your phone with several wrong attempts.AppLock captures a selfie photo from the front camera and saves it to the gallery.
  • Set relock time according to your choice, Making AppLock active.
  • It gives a new app alert if installed.
  • Create a pattern lock, PIN password.

Download πŸ‘‰AppLockPro


AppLock best app locker that locks your applications with fingerprint, pattern and pin to keep your secrecy secure with the least approval required. You can lock any applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, recent apps and many more to keep yourself away from intruders. According to the app that you locked, the lock screen changes colour.


  • Use the shuffle Pin-pad feature of the app lock to keep your pin secure.
  • Set time on your own of re-locking apps after some time or after immediate use. 
  • AppLock autostarts even after a reboot.
  • You can remove app lock from all apps at the same time after turning off AppLock from settings.
  • Prevent AppLock from uninstalling by children using the prevent uninstall option.



Don’t worry about your privacy, give us a chance of winning your heart. 

Here comes Ultra AppLock occupying a few MB in your mobile phones and giving Excel secure your important and confidential data, photos by applying Ultra AppLock on it. We have over 10 million users. Cleans your junk files, and have a battery saver mode.

The brilliant option of Disguise the app icon.

Hide your privacy from family members such as parents, siblings and others. 


  • There is a fake icon feature through which you can change the app icon into a calculator.. so that no one can ever think it’s an AppLock. 
  • You have the option of making your pattern invisible on the unlock screen. 
  •  Fake lock screen showing an error on unsuccessful attempts. 


Smart Applock

Smart Applock is smart enough in protecting your confidential data. Protect and lock applications using a pattern, pin password and fingerprint. Select by your choice the app you want to lock (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others). Keep your data safe and secure by applying smart Applock.


  • Fingerprint sensor, don’t worry about forgetting patterns and pins. 
  • Be selective for each application password, you can apply a different password on a different application.
  • The light-weighted app, just 3MB, with smooth activity.
  • Auto-lock newly downloaded application.
  • Hide your information from notification also, show it as for hidden content, after applying notification lock.

Download πŸ‘‰ Smart App Lock

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