Best Apps to scan documents

Best Apps to scan Documents and Notes

We all have to scan our documents and notes but we did find any good app for that, so don’t worry I am sharing the best app to scan documents, notes, and a lot more.

 Microsoft Office Lens 

It is an MSOffice scan app that scans printed data, images, and written text with high clarity. It provides legible images. It enhances the quality of images with its special features listed below.


  • You can scan images of written notes on the whiteboard, documents, business cards, and photos.
  •  It gives perfect straight images even if the document is tilted because of its auto-adjust feature. This is the best quality of this app. 
  • You can also crop the pictures once it is scanned. 
  • You can also write text on the scanned pictures.
  •  It offers a rotation facility of scanned images.
  •  You can add multiple scan images in one file and can make a bundle.
  •  Using this app you can convert images of any documents into pdf format or PowerPoint.  
  • It also provides an option to save the scanned images in the gallery. 
  • You can also add titles to the scan documents. 
  • The exclusive feature of this app that makes it splendid is its immersive reader feature. This feature auto reads the texts in scan images which makes your work easy. 
  • You can also open the data in ms excel with the help of this app just at one click. 

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scanner app is made by a giant photoshop company Adobe which enables you to scan any document. It produces vivid images with its advanced technology. It helps organize any data.


  • It comes in four modes: whiteboard, form, document, and business card. 
  • You can scan pictures through any of the modes mentioned above depending upon your means.
  •  You can scan any book, document, receipts, and visiting card. 
  • It has auto-capture mode means it takes the picture when you are ready without tapping the screen.
  •  It is possible to edit, fill, and sign any document once it is scanned which makes it more demanding.
  •  You can directly convert images into pdf format and save them in the phone’s memory. 
  •  The cropping tool is also available in this app. 
  • You can also clean up unnecessary marks on the document or form.
  •  Once the scanning is done you can directly share the pdf into another platform like Whatsapp, Gmail, Bluetooth, etc.
  • It automatically extracts the contact details from the business card and you can save them in your contact list. 
  • This app also auto-finds the documents in your photos and converts them into pdf.
  •  It contains OCR technology.  

Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz is new Indian App to scan documents and notes and share easly.


  • It is efficient in providing high-quality pdf documents.
  • It is empowered with OCR technology.
  • It automatically flattens the documents.
  • It scans the documents very quickly.
  • You can add multiple pdf documents.
  • It can scan any type of document, form, invoices, hand notes, etc.
  • It perfectly scans the data with auto-correction.
  • It also cleans up the unwanted spots on documents.
  • Various editing options are available in this app.
  • You can convert images in any format.
  • The images can be saved in a gallery or can be accessed through other apps.
  • It has an auto adjustment facility.

Genius Scanner 

It is an amazing scanning app that is developed by the French company Grizzy Labs. It can convert any document into a pdf. It is reigning in the market because of its exclusive qualities. It has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.


  • This app quickly scans the paper documents at one click and can create multipage pdf files.
  •  It provides legible and precise scanning of documents. 
  • It comes with multiple filters like form, black and white, and a whiteboard.
  • It also has a background removal feature.
  •  It also corrects any distortion in the document and auto cleans any stains on it. 
  • It is effective in removing shadows also.
  •  Merging documents is possible with this app. 
  • It also helps in organizing and sharing the documents.
  •  It has backup and sync property. 
  • It provides you high security with fingerprint locking and a pdf password encryption feature. 
  • You can also create contact by scanning the business card. 

Smart Doc Scanner

It is a free scanning app with more than 1 million downloads that proves it is exploding in the market. It captures the picture efficiently with great precision and can convert images or any document into pdf. It provides smart features.


  • It has a great capability of processing the images fast.
  • It is featured with optical Character Recognition technology.
  • It provides the option to adjust the borders of documents in real-time.
  • It produces great quality scanning of documents with clarity.
  • You can save documents to doc format other than pdf.
  • It has smart zoom features for a clear view of documents or any image.
  • Its focus technology is advanced and provides an amazing experience to users.
  • It can be scanned in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • It has advanced filters.
  • Sorting of documents is easy by page, size, and name.
  • You can easily share documents via any platform.
  • It is convenient to use.
  • You can also upload scan images in google drive.

Clear Scan 

It is a free scanning app with more than 10 million downloads. It scans printed data, any receipts, notes, etc. with high quality and great precision.


  • It produces a clear quality scan with legible text.
  • It provides accurate and fast scanning.
  • Convenient border adjustment is possible in real-time.
  • It comes with a flash option if the scan is to be done at night.
  • You can save documents to the gallery.
  • Colour adjustment is available.
  • The straightening of images is possible with this app.
  • It allows you to create backups of any documents.
  • The email option makes file sharing much easier.
  • It is fast and convenient.
  • It has a great filter option that gives a professional-looking finishing touch.

Tap Scanner

It is a good alternative to a cam scanner. It has more than 10 million subscribers. It can scan handy notes, books, notes written on whiteboard or blackboard, any bills, business cards, etc.


  • It can convert documents to pdf format.
  • It organizes the documents very well.
  • It captures brighter images with vivid texts.
  • You can fill and sign the documents once the scanning is done.
  • It comes with the auto-detection borders feature.
  • It has multiple filters available that ensure high quality.
  • Also, no ads are advertised in this app.
  • QR scanning is also available in this app.
  • Documents are automatically saved to the albums.
  • It comes with two scanning settings: single-scan settings and batch-scan settings.
  • Renaming the document is possible.
  • Various pdf sizes are available like A4,B5,B4,A3,A5 etc.
  • Searching options for locating any particular document are also available.
  • You can also make folders.

Simple Scan

It is a document scanner application that converts mobile devices into a scanner. 


  • You can upload multiple documents in one file.
  • It automatically uploads files to the cloud.
  • It comes in various pdf sizes.
  • It offers convenient adjustment of borders.
  • It automatically removes the disordered background.
  • The documents can be sorted by title.
  • Password protection of documents is possible.
  • It can detect the edges of a page automatically.
  • Its interface is user-friendly.

Fast Scanner

It is another scanning app that provides you with vivid documents and enhanced quality. It gives good looks to the scanned images with precision. It has more than 10 million subscribers.


  • It is efficient in providing high-quality pdf documents.
  • It automatically flattens the documents.
  • It scans the documents very quickly.
  • It perfectly scans the data with auto-correction.
  • Various editing options are available in this app.
  • You can convert images in any format.
  • It has an auto adjustment facility.
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