Custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro or Max

Custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro or Max Android 2021

In recent months, Xiaomi launched its brand new smartphone that is powered by Android Pie 10 Operating System and Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G high-speed processor having 8 cores. It comes with a Full HD+ display and all the advanced and necessary features that today’s smart user demands in his or her smartphone. The biggest advantage of using an Android-based device is that it allows customization of the operating system to facilitate user access latest versions of it. The smartphone technology is upgrading at such a rapid rate that the pre-installed Stock ROM can never be so versatile in its functionalities. Here arises the demand for installation of the Custom ROM that lets you access to latest bug-free operating systems replacing the older ones. This is only possible because Android being an Open Source Project that provides flexibility to make changes in the root objects. And Redmi Note 9 pro being an Android device, here are some of the best custom ROMs available for it:

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1. Lineage OS 17.1

Lineage OS 17.1

It has been built to provide higher stability and improved performance to your Android device. It is an update to its 17.0 version and provides certain distinct features like Quick Toggle, Customizable Status Bar, Launcher, Color and Resizing NavBar, use of fingerprint sensor to hide and protect apps, support for an on-screen fingerprint sensor, support for pop-up and rotating cameras and other basic facilities like Browser, Calculator, etc.

2. Evolution X 4.3

Evolution X 4.3

This flashable custom ROM is configured with many features and makes you feel using a real Pixel device. It will provide almost all the Android 10 features to your Redmi Note 9 Pro device. The developers of this custom ROM have used the Android Open Source Project computing in the best possible way to provide you with Pixel launcher, boot animation, fonts, ringtones, and much more.


It is an upgraded version of Xiaomi’s MIUI Android OS that has been rectified by the manufacturer removing unnecessary advertisements that most of the users felt unreliable. As a result, the overall functioning and performance of the devices have been improved.

4. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience

If you are fond of Pixel smartphones but are unable to access due to budget constraints, then this custom ROM is a boon for you that is going to provide you with a similar interface with different features. These features include Screen Recorder, Hide Notch, Custom Screenshots, resigned System Update Page. Issues like improper working of Bluetooth Audio in headphones have now been resolved and GPS, Fingerprint Sensor, Camcorder, etc will work more smoothly. After installing this custom ROM, you are going to experience the feel of using the real Pixel smartphone.

5. AOSP Extended ROM

AOSP Extended ROM

It provides you bug-free usage to all the features like Status Bar, Notification Panel, QS Tiles that include Caffeine, Compass, USB Tethering, Weather, etc, Lockscreen Optimization, Notification Panel and much more. All the features have been added to enhance the performance of your smartphone and you don’t even need to worry regarding future updates.

6. CrDroid OS

CrDroid OS

It has been developed as a hybrid product that has been configured with the best of the features from multiple ROMs including Lineage, AOSPA, etc. You will get a hybrid interface with a large number of different features in one place with the original Android experience.

7. MIUI 12


MIUI 12 is the latest edition in this series that is the most accepted ROM by Xiaomi users. This ROM provides you with Light Cone Animation Framework to generate a better user experience. It is featured by Super wallpapers, Magic Clone, Dark Mode, MI launcher, Universal Casting Tool, System UI apps, Notification Shade, etc.


Custom ROMs help the Android user create the device interface as per his or her interface and access to the latest features of the updated operating systems. So if you also want some advanced changes in your Redmi note 9 Pro, then you can install any of the above ROMs of your choice and need to expand your experience.

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