14+ FREE Cloud Storage and Online Drives

Nowadays many people go with the internet, and also new technology is innovating day after day. The most important thing is your smartphone in this era, it is a very helpful device. You can also say smartphones are a part of our life. All the things you can do with your smartphone are either paying bills, capturing high-resolution photos with your high-megapixel phone cameras, entertaining yourself, and so many other things. But the problem is the storage of the smartphone. This is the major problem of all people’s smartphones.

So, here is the solution for this particular problem. Free Cloud Storage helps to store your data in the cloud. It is nothing but a replica of traditional storage like hard disk, pen drive, sd card. The main disadvantage of these storage devices is that when they are destroyed it doesn’t matter how it can either put on water or accidental damage you lose your important data, photos, etc. Many of the companies provide this service and so many of their apps are available in the market. Here is the best top 15 free cloud storage apps:

Comparison Free Cloud Storage Companies:

SI No.NameFree Space
1.Blomp200 GB
2.Degoo100 GB
3.Google Drive15 GB
4.Mega50 GB
5.Koofr10 GB
6.pCloud10 GB
7.Icedrive10 GB
8.Yandex Disk10 GB
9.Media Fire50 GB
10.Amazon Drive5 GB
11.One Drive 5 GB
12.Dropbox2 GB
13.Sync2 GB
14.Jumpshare2 GB
15.iCloud 5 GB

1. Google Drive

As per its name, it is a product of Google, which provides you free cloud storage space. This tool offers you up to 15 GB of storage space, just for signing up for a google account. But if you want more space after using the 15 GB storage, you can spend money to buy storage. It is also available as an app on the internet, it is an advertisement-free tool as well as an app. And so many features come with this tool like you can upload any media files from any device and anywhere in the world. You can also make documents, slides, sheets with this tool. This tool is also for macOS users

2. One Drive 

This tool is one of the products of Microsoft company, it is an internet-based cloud storage and synchronization service provider. This tool is available for free to all users who have a Microsoft account, just signing up for the Microsoft account and you will get this service up to 15 GB of free cloud storage but nowadays size is reduced to 5GB, after that, you will pay to buy more storage. It can be used to sync media or files on Windows PC and Mac operating systems. It is also available as an app in the apple app store and googles play store. Features: Set the expiration date of your saved media, files, photos, and links for security purposes.

3. MediaFire

MediaFire is one of the best free cloud storage service tool and a very easy to use a solution of uploading your data and making their backup, the storage to store your data is limited up to 50 GB in the advanced version of this tool, its old version provides you to only 10 GB free cloud storage This tool offers the professional an ad-free experience to employees. You can also copy link any files and paste Mediafire will upload to your account. You can very easily download the app of Mediafire, just go to the app store. It doesn’t matter if the user is an android or ios user, it is available for all users. You can MediaFire used on iPhone, Windows, OS, Web, and Android. It also a feature i.e. you can send files with a specialized and free one-time link that accesses recipients.

4. Mega

Mega is a great cloud storage space that is very much similar to Mediafire, it also has a storage limit of up to 50 GB. The main feature of this app is to make different user experiences of all the cloud storage apps. It helps users to download multiple files in the zip file and upload files through the mobile app even if it is possible. Users who are looking for excellent backup cloud storage should definitely go with Mega cloud storage as it not only provides the best cloud storage service but also it comes with many security features. So many telegram channels use Mega to download movies, short movies, and many more.

5. Icedrive

Icedrive is one of the best next-generation free cloud storage service providers for effortless access, management, and updating of cloud storage. The most highlighted feature of  Icedrive as a cloud storage provider is the support for Twofish Encryption. The term “Twofish encryption“ is a symmetric key block that converts bit size to 128 to 256 bits. It was one of the best Advanced Encryption methods. The interface of this tool is very clean, which makes it easy to use the experience for the users and highly responsive file management and synchronization of your files. You just signed up on Icedrive and you will get up to 10 GB free cloud storage and make your backup. The most important thing of all the users, It also supports streaming media from your cloud storage and sharing with your friends or family. 

6. Koofr


You can say this tool is an all-rounder of which provides a free cloud storage service. Koofr is a storage solution that connects to other cloud storage tools like Mediafire, One Drive, Google Drive and uses the additional free space on a hard drive. This tool supports all kinds of devices either it is a smartphone, desktop, or laptop of their operating systems like macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. And one thing should be the making best of this free cloud storage tool, it comes with no file type and its size limit, yes it provides limitless storage to their cloud, But storage should be only up to 10 GB free. Apart from that it also can avail automatic backup of your device data for example your photos, videos, and so much data.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is a very authentic tool that provides free cloud storage and client software. It is built to collaborate on your daily projects whether you are working alone or within a team. Dropbox provides you with only 2 GB of free cloud storage, this is the big disadvantage of this tool. But in case users want more space then, there are many plans that can help them to get more storage of their needs. The tool has one of the very helpful features is that users can protect all of their files and documents in a lost device by clearing the documents from the device with the remote wipe features. The service of this tool is available for Linux,macOS, and Windows.

8. pCloud

pCloud provides you with 2 TB storage but the tool offers up to 10 GB of free cloud storage to its basic account if you can go with their premium account tool providing you more storage as well as more features. And it’s a unique feature that its unlimited remote upload traffic, this feature makes this tool unique and different. You can also resize your photo and compress your video size at the time of uploading and now software much easier with “my.pcloud”, yes this is the feature name of resizing your media. Also, have an archive option in the software, another option that helps the users automatically lock the crypto folders and every time they log out your account from the device.

9. Amazon Drive

Yes, it is one of the products of Amazon. Nowadays Amazon is on a boom and also Amazon Owner is on hype. No one overtakes this wizard company. Amazon Drive provides a free cloud storage device, it provides you 5 GB of cloud storage to store your personal data after signing up for Amazon Drive you will get it very easily. This is the very authentic drive that makes the user files, media more secure. This tool has so many features that made the handling of files very easy. Maintaining a perfect workflow i.e. share your photos, videos, and documents, and now become easier with the advanced features of Amazon Drive.

10. iCloud

This tool is only for iOS and macOS users only. The iCloud is the best cloud storage for the apple user. Initially, it provides you only 5 GB of free storage but if you want more cloud storage then you will pay and use their more storage for backup and store your beautiful moments. The services provided by the Apple iCloud are secured cloud storage, file sharing, photo printing, and file backup. You can easily use this tool and share your media with your friends or family members. Also, you edit your photos and trim your shooting videos. Organizing files will automatically backup in your iCloud, and also Apple iCloud helps to send messages and automatically saves. 

11. Sync

Sync is a cloud service for providing free cloud storage as well as file sharing options from any computer and mobile device. This tool provides you with an authenticated solution for storing your data backup as well as transferring very confidential your important files to other devices. Sync offers you 5 GB of storage for free, for just signing up on the sync. The main disadvantage of this is, its performance becomes very slow if you are uploading files that are larger than 40 GB. It gives you unlimited data transfer for all the plans. You noticed the word “plan”, yes you are right after the use of 5 GB free storage which is offered by sync then if you want more storage then you buy the plans. Sync supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

12. Jumpshare

Jumpshare, you can say many of the things are done by this tool. Not only provide a free cloud storage service with this tool, but it also provides you a file sharing option, takes combined screenshots at a time, team collaboration as well as video recording. It offers you to transfer big files with your friends and family members very easily just drag and drop. You can also screen the recording of your device with the help of jumpshare. Users of this tool are very broad, even more than one million users. It is a very ideal and authentic service provider for all things that this tool provides, it also offers you only 2 GB of free cloud storage and supports all the devices like macOS, Windows, Android, and whatever is available in the market. 

13. Blomp 

Blomp provides you very large free cloud storage as compared to the other cloud storage tools, it decreases your phone storage warning and also does the same thing as with your PC. After the use, you don’t worry about the storage space of your devices. Blomp offers you 200 GB of free cloud storage for just signing up. This tool is very simple to use and its interface is not very complicated. It seems to be clean to use by everyone. You can access this tool from anywhere and any device just log in and work with your files and enjoy your backup media. It is accessible through a web browser, windows, Mac, Linux.

14. Degoo

Degoo offers you 100 GB of free cloud storage after signing up in the decor. This tool has one more option i.e. referral option, using the referral you can increase your storage capacity without any cost. It provides you with reliable as well as authenticate services. It is also available as an app on the internet for android and iOS users, very easy to use a degoo app. It supports all types of devices like Smartphones, PCs, Tablets The paid plan is also available to expand your storage space, degoo begins a $3 monthly charge for 500GB storage space, apart from that so many plans are available as per your requirement.

15. Yandex Disk

And last but not least, this is also a trustworthy tool that provides you free cloud storage. You can very easily use it from your mobile phone, it offers you up to 10 GB of free storage. Yandex disks are supported in all types of operating systems. You can transfer all kinds of files to this tool for accessing and editing them just like you would have on a personal storage device. Yandex Disk is a user-friendly tool, you can share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their browsers without installing them. You can also share files with short links as well as files in size up to 50 GB. Recipients can view, download, and save the file on their Yandex Disk dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the platform to store your data securely just creating your account in this tool, you can use it from some tool that is available on the internet. Also, you make a backup of your phone and PC data. These tools also provide you with options for sharing files like any document, spreadsheets, images, audio, video, and many more things. After uploading files in this you can access them from anywhere and any device.

Is Cloud Storage Free to store data?

Yes, some companies provide you free cloud storage, but in limit. All have different criteria for different storage. Blomp provides you large free cloud storage space.

Is my data secure in free cloud storage?

Yes, your data is very secure, because all cloud storage companies very authenticate with your data. Most of the companies adopt very strict protocols to ensure data security, some have followed two-step authentication to login.

How can I choose the best free cloud storage provider company?

It is very simple to choose the best free cloud storage provider company in few steps:
The main thing, you should read their privacy policy because security is very important and also check the company tool is authenticated or not. 
Second thing is, how much free storage is the company providing, you can go with those companies, who have provided you more to more free cloud storage space.
The third and the last thing is totally depending on you, which features you want like: sharing files, if you are not sharing files with cloud storage tools then you shouldn’t go with.

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