Best App for Game Recording

10 Best Apps for Game Recording in Android 2021

While most people prefer to play games on a laptop or PC, mobile gaming is on the rise. The days have gone by when playing games was considered to be a waste of time. Nowadays gaming has become a profession. The number of games and gamers on mobile phones is increasing day by day. While gaming is itself fun, recording and sharing your gameplay adds a cherry on the cake. Live streaming of your gameplay is one of the options but it usually consumes a lot of your internet and it heavily depends upon your internet speed. So recording and then sharing your gameplay is the best option for you. Many gamers record their gameplay and share it through their social networking profiles. This article will help you to know about the best apps for game recording which are available on Play Store.

1 – Google Play Games App

This is the best app you can get on Playstore. This is google own app  This is a simple app that allows you to record your gameplay in 480p SD or 720p HD. Based on your device’s available storage space. You just need to open the Google Play Games app, you’ll see all the available games on your phone. Just select the game you wish to play and record. On the top right side, you’ll see game play this icon. Just click on it, select the quality of video and then click next. Tap launch, a floating bubble will appear on your screen with recording settings. Your game will start and you can enjoy playing your game. To stop recording just hold the bubble and drag it to the centre of the screen over close X mark.


  • One of the main features is that it is from Google, so you can trust the app.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports every game.
  • Get the best resolution of your game recording.
  • Manage all your games in one place.

👉Download: Google Play Games

2 – XRecorder

This app from InShot Inc. with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 with 100M+ downloads is the best app that allows you to record clear and smooth screen videos and capture clear screenshots in the easiest way. You can record videos and later edit them according to your preferences. Record your screen and later export it to your phone in the desired resolution. 


  • Record Gameplay on your phone.
  • Capture crisp and clear screenshots.
  • Enables to edit the recorded video.
  • Export full HD video.
  • No watermark in your recorded video.
  • Screen recorder with face cam as well.
  • No recording time limits.
  • Easy to pause/resume recording and rotate the screen.

👉Download: XRecorder 

3 – Screen Recorder For Game

Another Game Recorder in the list with an average of 4.1 ratings out of 5 on play store that allows you to record your gameplay, screen and capture your screen in the easiest way with just one tap. Its user interface is carefully designed which makes this app more user friendly.


  • One tap to start/pause/resume recording.
  • Record screen through the notification bar.
  • Shake phone to stop recording.
  • Record screen without watermark.
  • Highest Quality of video can be exported.

👉Download: Screen Recorder For Game

4 – AZ Screen Recorder

AZ screen recorder, clearly in the name shows it’s a complete package. From A to Z complete screen recorder. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Playstore, this is one of the best screen recorders you’ll see on Playstore.


  • Best video quality of your recorded screen.
  • No recording limit.
  • Game recorder in full HD with Facecam and audio.
  • Pause/resume screen recording with one click.
  • Control screen recording with the help of floating window and notification bar.
  • Merge videos, combine multiple videos into one.
  • Livestream.
  • Screenshots and image editing.

👉Download: AZ Screen Recorder

5 – Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is the platform that can power up your gaming experience. Live stream your best gaming moments, make a squad with new friends and use custom tools to improve your gameplay. This app supports all the latest games. Helps you to live stream your gameplay to Omlet, YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. This app has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Squad streaming. Create a squad and stream live with your squad.
  • In-app currency donation.
  • In-game voice chat.
  • Create and join clubs where you can share and chat about games with people like you.

👉Download: Omlet Arcade

6 – Screen Recorder – Edit Image & Video

This made in India app is a free screen recorder app that allows you to record your screen with or without a front camera and audio. This app comes with a lot of user-friendly features which will make your gameplay and recording much more easy and more fun.


  • Allows you to record the screen of any app.
  • Allows you to record the screen with audio.
  • Inbuilt video editor which allows you to trim your videos as per needs.
  • Share recorded video of your screen on Facebook, Youtube, Email, Bluetooth etc.
  • Easy and fast access to the screen recorder via notification bar.

👉Download : Screen Recorder – Edit Image & Video

7 – Assistive Touch

If you ever used the assistive touch function of iPhone then I’m sure you’ll love this app. This app is similar to iPhones assistive touch. Allows you to record your screen, take a screenshot with just one touch. This app got a 4.5 rating out of 5 on playstore.


  • Too many options to choose for quick toggles.
  • Screen recorder lets you record your screen in full HD resolution.
  • Record audio with the help of inbuilt mic while recording the screen.
  • Freeing RAM and cleaning memory.
  • Allows you to start/pause/resume recording your screen with just one simple touch.

👉Download: Assistive Touch | Screen Recorder| Video Recorder

8 – GU Screen Recorder

This app not only allows you to record gameplay but you can record video calls as well. It allows you to record a number of other things like a live recording of gameplay, sports events, movies and all other videos. Record video with clear sound and reduce video file size for free. There is no time limit to record a video.


  • Record video with sound which makes it easy to create a tutorial and promotional videos.
  • Hide the floating window to record the full screen with just one simple touch.
  • Many customised features to record your screen.
  • Record your screen along with your face camera to make your recording more attractive.
  • Easily share your recordings with your friends.

👉Download: GU Screen Recorder

9 – Capture Recorder Mobi Screen Recorder

Mobi recorder helps you to record screens and edit them with music, filter, effect and subtitle. It provides features that help to make your videos look more real. There is no recording time limit and no rooting needed.


  • Capture screen with just one touch.
  • Stable screen recorder.
  • Simple user interface for smooth video recording.
  • Professional video editor.

👉Download: Capture Recorder Mobi Screen

10 – Game Recorder

This app from Jaya Zone Tech with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Playstore helps you to record your game smoothly in the highest video quality. It helps you to record your phone screen with audio.


  • Record anywhere. You can record the game screen from inside the game directly.
  • Pick the desired quality of your video.
  • Floating window helps you to record the screen easily when needed.
  • Photo editor- the app has inbuilt photo editor.

👉Download: Game Recorder

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