TS Sand Booking (SSMMS) – Registration & Track Sand Order Status

TS Sand Booking (SSMMS) Registration & Track Sand Order Status

TS sand booking or Telangana State Sand Booking is known as Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System it’s also called SSMMS.

TS sand booking and SSMMS were launched by Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation. The objective of this company is to provide sand through the online mode. 

The official website is –http://tsmdc.telangana.gov.in/

In this article, we will discuss all of the characteristics of the Telangana Sand Booking system which is basically set by the Sand Sale management and monitoring system. Here is a very easy procedure to book your stand in the state of Telangana, and the procedure will be discussed in this article. We will provide you with all the important information about this, also share the details on how to register yourself online in the sand booking portal and step by step instructions through which you can track your sand order.

In this article, we will share every specification and every step by step guide which will provide you with undertaking the different procedures related to the sand booking. Read this article carefully to get them all instructions and guidance perfectly.


A completely new portal has been designed by particularly concerned authorities of the Telangana state which Known as SSMMS means a Sand sale management and monitoring system. Through the implementation of this portal, the incentives will be provided to the people of Telangana state and that helps a lot to the Telangana’s peoples, this is mainly for those who undertake the sand booking in their everyday life. Some other different procedures also are undertaken by the website. The website was developed because the residents of Telangana state carry on their work, also when they are sitting at their homes the work is continued. 

Several portals have prevailed created for the method related to the online sand booking procedure. Many services are present in the portal. The services are given below you can check out the detailed information about these services by visiting the official web page. So the services are- 

Easy process of Customer Registration, Vehicle Registration in the Portal, Inter-state and Transportation activities, tracking of delivered or non deliver orders, the Sand order Details, information and  Daily updates about orders, Tracking of Orders, bulk quantity Orders, stockyards, booked quantity, available quantity and quantity delivery, and 

Many more services are provided by this system. Go to the official website of this online sand booking Portal and you know much more things.


Now we are going to discuss the detailed information about the registration and how to apply for sand booking and what is the process.

Interstate and another state sand transportation, how to check order details and how to check-in undelivered order, online tracking.

How to book bulk quantity and what is the applying procedure.

Read this article carefully for valuable information, so let’s get started.

How to Register and Apply:

First, we are going to discuss what documents are required for bulk sand.

If you want to register for government work you need an official ID proof, but to register a Firm or private company you just need an id like an aadhar card or other id proof like a pan card or voters card and registration copy.

If you want to apply to the government job you need an official letter, a copy of building permission or the firm permission and also an agreement estimation copy for sand.

And for the private sector, firm or companies you need the approval of building plan and permission, ID proof of authorised signatory and an application letter.

Now we are discussing what a customer needs to register in TS sand booking. Customers just follow the simple procedure, first, visit the official SSMMS portal then go to the homepage and click the registration tab and just simply drop down and select the “customer registration” option from that list, then a new web page will be displayed. Enter your phone number in the space provided by the website. Then select the “customer Registered” option from that list.

Now we are discussing the SSMMS-Customer Registered list.

To check the registered list of customers you just need to follow some simple procedures.

At first, you have to go to the official webpage and after that, you have to go to the homepage of the sand booking portal of Telangana state sand booking then click the ‘registration’ button then the drop-down and the menu will be exhibited on your device’s screen, after that click on the ‘custom registration’  list named option and a new web page will be displayed on the screen then enter your mobile number and your name will be displayed in the list of the the the webpage.

Enter your mobile number where the area is provided for the phone number then click on the “Send OTP” option after that an OTP will send you your number and the registration form will appear then you have to fill in the details like district name, village, house no, the nearby area, email and another thing. At last, you have to click on the register button and you are successfully registered on the portal.

How to order online-Sand   in the SSMMS portal?

When you are successfully enrolled in the portal then you are able to book your online sand order means your first sand order. To book your first sand order you have to do some easy steps,

Firstly you have to go to the official sand booking portal then after you enter the Portal you have to click on the sand booking link then log in yourself and select your district and select the stockyard button and fill in the information as per your requirement. After that, you have to click on the register button and then save your booking number and keep the receipt safely.

Then if you want to track your sand order so you have to visit the official home page of the portal after that a menu will appear automatically and there is an option you can see ‘track the order’ you have to click on this then enter you order ID number next click the Get Status and done, your order status will automatically appear in your screen.

Details about interstate order:

Now we are going to discuss interstate order. So follow the instructions for interstate sand order.

At first, visit the official sand booking website then go to the home page and click on the interstate sand transport. After that, a lot will be displayed. Then you have to click on the interstate sand order option. After you click on this a new web page is open and you can easily do whatever you want.

How to check undelivered orders?

It’s a very easy step to check undelivered orders. You just follow some simplest steps. Just go to the official webpage of Telangana state online sand booking and then you just have to click on the interstate sand transportation tab then you see an option named ‘inter-state track order’ just click on this. A new webpage will be displayed after that, enter your unique order number and click on the search button and the interstate undelivered order details come in front of your eyes.

Also if you want to get informed about inter-state sand order tracking you have to follow the same procedure but you just have to click on the Inter-state track order option and search order details, and you get all the information about inter-state sand tracking.

What is the procedure when we need bulk sand?

If you need a bulk of sand and you want to order through the website you have to follow some easy steps and some easy procedures 

Firstly You have to go to the official website of the sand sale management & monitoring system then go to the homepage and click on the “application for bulk sand” and read the instructions and follow them, and you can purchase bulk sand.

If you have a further query you can directly call 040-23323150 this is the helpline number for any query.

The new user’s registration and application procedure:

If you are a new user then for registration you have to follow some simple steps. First, you have to select “Registration for government job” or registration for a private company or firm and Pvt Ltd. Then you have linked your aadhar UID or VID and click send OTP then you get an OTP in your registered number then submit the OTP and fill all the details in the form and upload the document.

So now we will go to discuss the application procedure. 

So if you are already registered in the portal then click on the exciting user button. If you are not registered then first you have to register.

Then you have to log in with the user ID password then go to the new application then a form appears on the screen, fill the form, upload the document and submit the form then you are done so this is the correct procedure for registering and applying.

How to find Stockyard: 

If you want to find a stockyard in the district of Telangana state you just have to open the website of the Telangana state sand booking portal and after opening you have to go to the home page and click on the help button then you have to down the many and then click on the stockyard details option after that you simply select the district and then all the related details about stockyard automatically displayed on your device’s screen.


This is a very easy step to book Sand online orders, bulk quality, stockyard, vehicle and many more things.

If you want to book bulk sand, if you want to register in SSMMS, check Sand reports, sand interstate order and other things then TS Sand booking is a great option for you, book your sand without any harassment and get your address delivered.

Follow the procedure given in this article and do whatever you want like  book Sand, track order, find stockyard

Track undelivered order other things.