Windows 11 iso 32 and 64 bit Download

The windows 11 operating system will soon be introduced in the market. It will be installed on devices that have the necessary compatibility for it.

It will be available for download from October 5, and if you use the Windows 10 operating system then you can easily install this. You can move over to Windows 11 for free if you use Windows 10. If your device supports this software then you can do necessary modifications to it exactly as you do in windows 10. If your device does not have the necessary support for this software then you can get assistance from Microsoft.

 You can know by following different strategies that your device is compatible with windows 11 or not. You have to install Windows 10 on your device now only if you want this.

 You can get a pre-release version of Windows 11 if you register on the windows insider program. You can get its beta release but it will be good if you install the original version when it will be available. You have to keep in mind that you should not have to install the beta version on your main device. You can download it on any other device on which you want to test this software. This version does not have all features which are available in the main version.

Windows 11 ISO Download 64 Bit

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Points which you have to keep in mind for installing windows 11:

  1. You have to see that you are using genuine windows 10 software and you are the administrator of your PC. You have to sign-up for the windows insider program now only if you have not registered.
  2. You have to visit in settings- update & security- windows insider program. You have to press the mouse on getting started.
  3. Below, Pick an account to get started- choose + to get linked to the Microsoft account on which you have signed up and carry on.
  4. You have to stick to the directions to select the experience and medium you need to have insider preview builds through: the Dev medium(for developers), the beta medium(for early users) or the see before release medium (it is for people who want to see Windows 11 before coming off its main version).
  5. You have to see once again the privacy statement and terms and press the mouse on  Confirm. Press the mouse on Restart now.
  6. After starting again, you have to see that your settings related to data are right, so you can install the test version.
  7. For executing this, you have to visit settings – update and security- windows update. Press the mouse on the check for updates button.
  8. You will see the newest insider preview build according to the settings you have chosen.
  9. From here your device will move over to the preview build exactly like it adopts any other windows feature available.

Methods to install windows 11 operating system when it will be accessible:

You will be able to install windows 11 in the same manner as you install any other variety of windows, once you have access to it.

 Users have to visit in- SettingsUpdate & SecurityWindows update and press the mouse on check for updates. If you find updates mentioned, then you have to press the mouse on a feature update to windows 11. Press the mouse on Download and install.

You have to keep in mind that as Windows 11 will slowly come into the market, you will also get it on your PC after some time.

People who have the newest PCs will be able to download it first. All other devices which have required support for this software will get it by the latter half of 2022.

This software depends on the age of the PC and the hardware required for its installation.

Windows 11 is like the Macintosh operating system in its look and feel. It has an elegant design that includes pastel colours, round corners, and a start-up sound which is nice to hear.

The start menu has been given a new position from the bottom left of the screen to the centre, with icons of the apps displayed in the centre beside it.

You will see many new latest desktop tools like widgets that will make you see all information available in one look. It will help in building an easy to use virtual desktop.

You will also be able to download and install android apps from the play store but after some time.  

This latest version is the first big modification done to the Microsoft operating system after the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. There have been speculations about the coming of this software for one year. It was mentioned as a huge modification done in Microsoft in the last 10 years. It has been planned to remove windows 10 from the market in 2025 after pictures of windows 11 were seen.

Comparison between windows 10 and windows 11 operating systems:

Windows 11 introduces the latest display features like in the Macintosh operating system. It has a fine design that has round corners and pastel colours.

Together with the Taskbar, the Start menu has been shifted to the centre of the screen. You have the choice of moving them again to their previous position.

Inclusion of Android apps

You can install Android applications from the Microsoft play store. Before it, android apps can only be installed on mobiles. People have been waiting for this new feature for a long time. This is a big step in linking mobile and laptops.

Better indirect desktop functionality

You will be able to create dummy indirect desktops exactly like in the Macintosh operating system. You can move over easily from many desktops created for various purposes. It is more difficult to use this functionality in Windows 10.

The easy transformation from monitor to laptops

This new software contains the latest functionalities called snap groups and snap layouts which are a group of applications in the taskbar. These applications can be minimized or can be expanded simultaneously which helps in easily moving between various kinds of work. You can also switch off your monitor without losing your opened windows.

Microsoft teams included in the Taskbar

Microsoft teams application is included in the windows 11 taskbar. It can be quickly opened from this location.

Gadgets are properly arranged

Gadgets are properly arranged in the taskbar from where they can be easily accessed. You can give them your personal touch.

Increased touch screen, voice, and pen functionalities

Microsoft has made touch screen functionality better for tablet devices. It has left more areas between images on the taskbar and has added a signalling feature.

In windows 11 you can hear sound while writing notes or doing drawing through the digital pen. You can do typing by your speech and can use your voice for getting tasks done across the system.

Better support for games

Windows 11 will contain some attributes available in Xbox like Auto HDR and Direct storage which will give you a better gaming experience. This is a step taken to link windows with Xbox.

Any new information available regarding Windows OS will be mentioned here in the future.

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